Dark Sweets For High Desert Winter: A Festive Holiday Party Mixtape

A Festive Mixtape For Holiday Parties

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Dark Sweets for High Desert Winter
(Compfight cc via GB_1984)
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I consider myself a bit of an internet archaeologist. One of my favorite music blogs, holywarbles.blogspot.com, disappeared in a Digital Millenium Copyright Act enforcement wave. Before it was engulfed by the harsh and turbid waters of the DMCA, I rescued one of my favorite mixtapes by blog author Moahaha. He called it Soothing Sounds of Shellac For a Long Winter, but since I didn’t source my tribute from 78s, I’ve renamed it. Conjure up the spirit of yesteryear’s fête at bit.ly/darksweets or below.

1) Ukulele Ike –
“Night Owl”

2) Cab Calloway –

3) Amelita Galli-Curci –
“Russian Nightingale Song”

4) Kansas City Six –
“Paging the Devil”

5) Henry Hall & His Gleneagles Hotel Band –

6) Sofia Vembo –
“Konta Sto Nilo”

7) Desi Arnaz –

8) Raymond Scott –
“Moment Whimsical”

9) Six Brown Brothers –
“Peter Gink”

10) Trio Vocal Hermanas Russell – “Hoy Es Tu Cumpleaños”

11) Rina Ketty –
“Sombreros et Mantilles”

12) Carlos Montoya –
“La Virgen de la Macarena”

13) Harry James –
“Flight of the Bumblebee”

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