Deck The Halls With Tattooed Christians

Laura Marrich
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Is there any better way to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus than attending church? Of course not. … Unless that church is hosting some kind of charitable event for needy children. And there’s also progressive rock involved.

Dream no longer, ye alterna-teens of Israel, for the kids at Veil Arms Clothing have stuffed a Christmas stocking with good will toward man
and Christian metalcore.

You’ll hear no evil this Friday, Dec. 21, when touring bands
August Burns Red (Lancaster, Pa.), Oh, Sleeper (Fort Worth, Texas) and Belle Epoque (Fort Worth, Texas) join locals The Bayonet, Anonymous Victims, Glenn Mara and Painting Rome at First Family Church (4701 Wyoming NE).

The concert is doubling as a holiday toy drive for homeless children through
Joy Junction. Veil Arms will also be accepting new or gently used children’s clothes for kids holed up at Carrie Tingley Intensive Care Hospital. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Veil Arms, by the way, is a Christian clothing label based right here in Burque. The upstart design firm handles merch, logos and CD graphics for bands around town and all over the country. "Unlike most clothing labels Veil Arms is determined to provide pieces that are more than just ‘surface level’ clothing," its website says. "All of the designs will have an inspiration and meaning behind them." Log onto and don you now your pray apparel.

Xmas In Brrrrque Playlist

Even Cashews like me (that’s half-Catholic, half-Jewish) enjoy a playlist full of holiday cheeseballs this time of year. In the spirit of shmaltz, I offer you this hand-stitched Christmas sampler of local bands. I hope you like it. Merry Xmas!

"Breaking Up For Christmas,"
Oh, Ranger!, Polyester Blues

"The Man Who Has Everything,"
Lousy Robot, Smile Like You Are Somewhere Else

"His Perfect Love," The Dirty Novels, Pack Your Pistols

"Silver & Gold,"
Eva Ave., Q’vooi Jip

"These Golden Jewels,"
The Handsome Family, Last Days of Wonder

"Into The Light," of god and science, of god and science
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