Demon’s Claws

With The Dirty Novels And Bbq

Simon McCormack
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Demon’s Claws: Welcome to the jungle
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Monday, June 12, Burt’s Tiki Lounge (21-and-over); free: Built on tremolo-laden distorted guitars, simplistic drum beats and unintelligible vocal wailings, Montreal’s Demon’s Claws are another band out to prove that Sex Pistols-era punk and Willows-style garage rock were made for one another.

The band is constructed from former Montreal outfits the Cut Offs and Les Météors, and the foursome has crafted a sound that is very boozey and raucous while not taking itself too seriously. From listening to the Claws’ tunes, you get the impression they would want nothing more than to run into a faux retro-rock band like Jet in a dark alley and beat the living hell out of them. No, you won’t find any “Look What You’ve Done”-esque tracks in the band’s repertoire, but you will find plenty of songs like “Lost in the Desert,” which has a “by the campfire” feel to it as well as the band’s signature “who gives a shit?” swagger. The Claws pick up the pace on “Hillside Strangler” in which the normally low-key drums come to the forefront and lead singer Mike Leonardy gives us the impression that he’s maniacally wrung a few necks himself. You can see the Claws in action on Monday evening when they’re joined by The Dirty Novels and BBQ for a no-cover, 21-and-over show at Burt’s Tiki Lounge.
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