Dirty Dozen Brass Band

With Felonious Groove Foundation

Simon McCormack
2 min read
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Thursday, March 9, Launchpad (21-and-over); $15: Imagine you're in high school (this may be harder for some than others) and your football team has just ended the first half down 35 to 3. As you sit in the stands wondering if you should cut your losses and go home, the marching band starts to play. At first, it seems like an ordinary halftime performance, but there seems to be some extra pep in the band's collective step. All of a sudden, the band steps onto the field and begins to play a New Orleans-style jazz romp complete with flugelhorn, tambourine and full-fledged hip swaying. By now you're thinking, “I wish this band could play all damn night long!”

Well, my friend, allow me to introduce the band that will give you a night's worth of entertainment and won't even ask you to sit through an hour of overly depressing bush-league football to enjoy it. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band brings their unique assortment of traditional brass band marches, funk, R&B, bop, gospel and rock to the Launchpad tonight for a 21-and-over show. The Dirty Dozen have played with jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie and have been featured on albums by artists as diverse as The Dave Mathews' Band, David Bowie and Modest Mouse. It will surely be a night to remember, especially with local funk fixtures Felonious Groove Foundation completing the bill.

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