Don’t Listen To Skrewdriver

Avoiding Racist Music And Record Labels

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Evil ... in a bad way. (Jeff Drew)
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A year ago, “ABC Primetime” ran a piece on a pair of twins, Lamb and Lynx Gaede, whose folk-pop act called Prussian Blue is serving as a conduit for the white nationalist (ahem, nazi prick) movement due to parental encouragement. In a realm of music typically comprised of sweaty, drunk, agro dudes playing some genre of hardcore, the innocent-looking teenage girls seem like unlikely purveyors of hate–a paradox that, partially due to the ABC program, garners a great deal of press which their website thanks for helping to spread their message.

The lyrics espouse the typical confused white power rhetoric: “I see you all around me. I see the apathy in your eyes, knowing not what it means to be free, watching as the white flame dies,” suggesting the Aryan race is at risk of some kind of demise, which would be funny if it weren’t so disturbing that legions of idiots around the globe believe this garbage.

The thing is that it’s not as if these two girls are virtuosos poised to take the music industry by storm: Their voices don’t even approach mediocre, their songs are bad and if they weren’t associated with a movement they’d be booed off stages by the large audiences of morons for whom they supposedly perform. But this music, more than anything, is just a tool to bring the like-minded together, recruit young people and raise money for organizations to potentially
kill people. Being good doesn’t matter as much as the message, and besides, you have to be somewhat smart to create good music, and judging by comments like “we’re proud of being white, we want to keep being white,” the girls, like most bigots, aren’t very bright.

Unlike Prussian Blue and many bands who very clearly fly the white supremacy flag, it’s sometimes hard to tell the sweaty, drunk, agro, hardcore bands from the sweaty, drunk, agro, nazi hardcore bands. In particular, there are a few record labels to avoid: Resistance Records, Tri-State Terror, Final Stand Records, Imperium Records and Panzerfaust Records. Also, the Anti-Defamation League, which has done a great deal of research on neo-nazi music, regularly updates a list of these bands, organized alphabetically and by country. So if you’re worried that you or your kids are being dosed with racist ideology, is a one-stop resource of information. Also, contains a good deal of information on, well, global issues, including racism. Now, I have to get to my Black Panther meeting …
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