Dreeg Cd Release Party

With Kev Lee And Special Guests David Wade, Pipes, Physics, Vengence And Mz Burd

Simon McCormack
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Friday, Feb. 17, Raw/Sauce (21-and-over): Dreeg, a.k.a. Steven Rodrigue, is eyeing musical stardom. Halfway through recording his first solo effort, Six Months of Solitude, the Dirt Headz standout quit his job so he could concentrate all of his energies on making it in the music biz. Six Months combines the catchy, female-sung hooks and synthetic drum beats commonly associated with mainstream rap and adds down-to-earth emo-rap lyrics similar to those of Atmosphere's Slug.

“I've always been a fan of underground music,” Dreeg says.

“But I wanted to make a transition from underground to mainstream. The album has some commercial elements but it has the clever wordplay and positive message that underground is known for.”

Dreeg does not brandish bravado at every turn, which sets him apart from many emcees in the commercial and underground realms. “People Change” explores some of Dreeg's failed relationships and “Focus” has the emcee grappling with alcohol dependence.

Dreeg will celebrate the release of Six Months with a CD release party on Friday at Raw/Sauce. After the show, he'll hop on a plane to Houston where he'll open up for Dem Franchize Boyz and T. Waters. The show is part of the NBA's All-Star Weekend celebration. Dreeg says he's scheduled to go on a countrywide tour with T. Waters beginning in March.

The Albuquerque show is VIP-only (save for the first 50 people through the door), so guests will have to be on the list if they want to gain entrance. However, anyone interested in going should e-mail Dreeg at dreegsolitude@gmail.com to be put on said list. For more Dreeg info, including upcoming tour dates, visit www.dreeg.com.

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