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Jason Daniello's Back In Town For A Naomi-Style Reunion

Jenny Gamble
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Jason Daniello, of course
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Jason Daniello is always smiling. It’s no act—his smile is molded to that contagious positive attitude of his. And if you saw him perform when he lived here in Albuquerque, you probably caught it, too, along with a head full of songs.

Jason’s been gone for more than a year now, and his music is still ringing in our eardrums. But he says his new home in Asheville, N.C., has been good to him. Since his arrival in North Carolina, he’s found his music not only attaching itself to the hearts of locals out east, but to a nationwide audience as well: His “I Do” is featured in an episode in MTV’s “The Real World.” With a new single (“In The Way”) on MySpace, the music is flowing like never before.

Jason has been making his southern states touring debut and is back in the 505 with friend and Naomi bandmate Ben Hathorne, another gem from the local music mine. Jason will be joining Ben this Thursday, June 7, at Kelly’s Brew Pub in Nob Hill. It’ll be a single night for rekindling some of the fondest memories we old-school local music lovers have from the days of Naomi, The Hopefuls and Jason & The Argonauts.

Jason says he’s happy to be home and able to play once more for the audiences that supported him during his time in Albuquerque. And folks here will be happy to know that, yes, everything’s good.
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