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Simon McCormack
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Five Minute Sin (Wes Naman)
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There are plenty of bands trying to do the next big thing in music. From post-rock to neo-new wave, the ambition to “sound like nothing else before” is as recurrent a goal as can be found in today’s modern music scene–local or otherwise.

Enter hard rockers Five Minute Sin, with a sound that harkens to the past with an eye toward what they hope is the future. “The biggest thing we’re trying to do is bring back what could be called ‘real’ rock ’n’ roll, [but] that’s not too overly modern or too vintage either,” says FMS’ guitarist and lead singer Jesse Korman. “We pull from influences like Hendrix and Zeppelin and also more modern bands like Metallica and Danzig.”

Korman says FMS (which won the
Alibi ’s 2006 Best of Burque award for “Best New/Emerging Local Band”) wants to buck the trend of rock that is more drum-driven and tends to stay away from overt guitar leads. “I definitely have noticed that trend, and our band doesn’t really want any part of it,” Korman asserts. “When we’re playing, me and (guitarist) Franz Dinklemann are more than ready to put a lead in. I think people will start coming back to things like guitar leads sooner or later. Maybe people just got tired of it with all the ’80s hair bands.”

FMS’ debut release comes out a lengthy five years after the band’s inception: Franz, who played college football for the Lobos, left the band for a stretch to play pro in Europe before making his eventual return to Albuquerque.
Without is a Southern-fried, dark and crunchy record with doom and gloom evident in both the heavy guitar textures and the downtrodden lyrics. While the album does let the sunshine in on select tracks like the closing ballad “Don’t Mind,” Korman admits the album is a bit dark, but says the band will showcase its lighter side on future releases. “It’s kind of like when Led Zeppelin’s first two albums came out, compared to Zeppelin III , which was a lot mellower,” explains Korman. “I think that’s what you’ll probably see with us.”

Korman is most pleased with the way
Without captures FMS’ live show energy. “We hadn’t gotten that in our other [unreleased] recordings,” Korman admits. For the first time, the band recorded the drums, rhythm guitar and bass all at the same time. They then went on to add in the lead guitar and vocals. This gives the record a slightly polished, spontaneous and vigorous sound.

Come see what the Best of Burque fuss is all about as Five Minute Sin celebrates the release of their new record at Fourth Street Bar and Grill (formerly Ralli’s) on Friday, June 16, with special guests Coldsnap and Axson. The show starts at 9 p.m. and is 21-and-over.

You can purchase Five Minute Sin’s Without at the show or at their website at

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