With Dropping Daylight And Resident Hero

Marisa Demarco
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Tuesday, May 2, Launchpad (21-and-over); $12 and $14: When it comes to earnest hurt, Flyleaf pulls it off. Sure, lyrics rub elbows with notebook-margin cliché, but the hooks are golden and the riffs inspired. Singer Lacey Mosley is what everyone’s talking about, with her particularly well-sung combo of fragile and fierce. She’s fond of those brittle jumps you hear from the likes of Sarah McLachlan. Mosley sings a pain pileup, with a side of atmospheric guitar and rumbling drums. The message is survival, or what they’re calling "heavy positivism."

Though the music is fierce, it doesn’t dwell in suffering. Members hail from tiny Belton, Texas, a town so small, Waco might be the nearest big city. But they’ve been on tour all over the States. A show at South by Southwest in 2003 brought them label attention, and they eventually signed with Octone. The young band recorded its first full-length album with a hot producer in 2005. Flyleaf still has room to grow.

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