Foma Cd Release Party

"A Rocket'S Red Glare Will Take Me There" --Foma

Jim Phillips
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First of all, let's define our terms here.

Foma: Harmless untruths; a term coined by Kurt Vonnegut in his novel Cat's Cradle; a principle tenet of a fictional religion called Bokonism.

Phobos: 1. The larger moon of Mars, the word literally translates as “fear;” 2. In Greek mythology, Phobos was the personification of fear and horror.

When people can't control what is happening around them, they often succumb to a paranoid obsession with their inability to figure out what lies ahead. There is a stage of the game where we all begin to think in terms of crisis. That's just how we're wired. In a world filled with addiction and control, addiction to control is not uncommon.

Stay with me here because this is where it gets good. Phobos is Foma's latest release on Albuquerque's Little Kiss Records. And it is going to forever change the way that albums are conceived, created and dealt with in Albuquerque. Phobos is a deeply conceptual soundscape (along with a wonderfully illustrated companion book). It is a disturbing, apocalyptic chronicle of one man's escape from earth to a moon orbiting Mars. Complete with thoughtful lyrics and simple, haunting string arrangements, it has enough heavy vibrations to scare the hell out of you, as well as just enough clever pop to keep you on the ground. It is, in all honesty, the ideal soundtrack for a Kurt Vonnegut novel. Wow. OK, that's a mind-full. Let's get back to Earth.

I'll tell you … all the latest technological innovations in recording have spurred a depressing evolution in music. That is, bands have begun to rush the release of their albums just for the sake of releasing them. Without direction or depth of any kind, these recordings are empty and regretful. Phobos does not suffer from this trend. Foma has been around the block and they do it right, they class it up. Don't believe me?

This Saturday is Foma's CD release party, your first chance to get your hands on Phobos and to catch this band's impossibly anodyne live show. Oh, but that's not all. Las Gitanas World Fusion Belly Dance will be on hand as well, shaking it up and shaking it down. Rock 'n' roll and rockets to Mars and crippling fear and belly dancing all in the middle of a small, strange desert town. Hoo! Add some whiskey and cigarettes to that mix and you've got a freaky, not-to-be-missed scene on your hands. And if you're like me, you won't pass up a freaky scene.

Foma will release Phobos this Saturday, March 25, at Burt's Tiki Lounge. Las Gitanas World Fusion Belly Dance and The Giranimals will also perform. The show is free.

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