Four Up: Americana, Mythology, Improv And Literate Rock

Americana À La Burque

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If you’re a fan of Americana in the 505, you’ve probably heard of The Porter Draw. Heck we even ran a micro review of the band’s forthcoming, self-titled release in last week’s issue. Reviewer August March said, “The Porter Draw demonstrates their command of the medium while proving there’s still some life in the old horse after all.” But don’t take his word for it; don your dressiest jeans and get thee to Launchpad (618 Central SW) on Friday, April 4, for a hootin’ and hollerin’ release party. Surf noir act Phantom Lake and indie rock crew Sad Baby Wolf open this 21-plus hoedown. Get down starting at 9:30pm, and bring $7 for the cover.

Get Lit Mythological Guitarist

Pavlo Simtikidis Compfight cc via enigmaticminds
Pavlo Simtikidis—the self-described “Greek god of guitar”—clearly isn’t the epitome of modesty, but you may forget all about that when his reportedly lightning-fast fingers coax glory from the strings. Simtikidis’ music blends Greek and Latin folk music traditions with pop sensibility for a memorable and rarefied sound. See the “Greek god” himself at Outpost Performance Space (210 Yale SE) on Saturday, April 5; this all-ages recital revs up at 8pm, and admission ranges from $17 to $22. If that’s simply not enough Pavlo for you, consider attending a meet-and-greet dinner with Simtikidis at Yanni’s (3109 Central NE) on Friday, April 4. For more deets, visit

Get Lit Improvisational Percussion

Tatsuya Nakatani Courtesy of artist
See—and perhaps more importantly, hear—renowned improvisational drummer Tatsuya Nakatani on Tuesday, April 8, at The Tannex (1417 Fourth Street SW). Locals Mark Weaver and Mike Balistreri open this all-ages gig starting at 8:25pm, and tickets are $5. Originally from Osaka, Japan, Nakatani has made a name for himself among avant-jazz and improv crowds from all over the world. (If you’re searching for someone to share both your Wayne Shorter and John Zorn fetishes, this wouldn’t be the unlikeliest venue.) If you’re booked on Tuesday, roadtrip to the City Different on Wednesday, April 9, to see Nakatani and the Jeff Sussmann/Al Faaet Duo at High Mayhem (2811 Siler Lane). That all-ages concert starts at 8pm, and the suggested donation is $10.

Four Up Literary Atx Indie Rock

Okkervil River Courtesy of artist
I sometimes cringe when I see “RIYL,” an acronym for “recommended if you like,” but it’s not a terrible way to discover new bands. So I’ll go out on a limb here and recommend Austin-based indie rock-meets-folk crew Okkervil River if you like, say, Neutral Milk Hotel—and yes, NMH is coming soon to Burque. The literate, charmingly geeky prime mover of Okkervil River, Will Sheff, nabbed the group’s name from the title of a bleak short story by Russian writer Tatyana Tolstaya. If that factoid doesn’t put you off ’em, head to Launchpad (618 Central SW) on Wednesday, April 9. This 21-plus show starts at 9:30pm, and tickets are $15.

The Porter Draw

Wes Naman

Pavlo Simtikidis

Compfight cc via enigmaticminds

Tatsuya Nakatani

Courtesy of artist

Okkervil River

Courtesy of artist

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