Four Up: Doom, Dystopian Dance, Og Surf-Punk And Wistful Melody

Trailblazer Of Doom

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While Black Sabbath is a household name, Virginian heavy metal colleague/doom innovator Pentagram’s moniker is still mostly invoked in diehard hesher homesteads. Last Days Here, a stark documentary chronicling founding Pentagram member and frontman Bobby Liebling’s struggles with a post-rock existence and lifelong drug addiction hasn’t yet rebranded Pentagram with the pop-culture/PR gravitas of Sabbath, but the film did kickstart a Pentagram revival, Liebling’s newfound sobriety and a tour that hits Sister (407 Central NW) on Thursday, Feb. 27. Experience the mighty Pentagram alongside Radio Moscow, Kings Destroy and Leeches of Lore. This 21-and-over doom-fest begins at 8pm, and admission is $25. Earplugs come highly recommended; don’t worry, you’ll still be able to hear the children of the night and the sweet music they make.

Four Up Fighting The Future

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Do you own a gas mask? Die Schlacht! beckons with the perfect opportunity to rock the classic industrial accessory on the dance floor. Thee Sanctuary’s monthly dance party commences at Launchpad (618 Central SW) on Saturday, March 1, at 9pm. Costumes recommended by organizers include “futuristic warriors, vigilante mercenaries [and] resistance fighters.” Whether you opt for replicant Pris from Blade Runner or one of a zillion other freedom fighters in film, lit or reality, 21-plus warriors can “wander the minimalist wasteland of a dystopian future where a fierce battle … rages amid the ruins of a post-industrial hell.” DJs Dammerung, Dystopia, NIHIL, Suspence and K.0ss spin for supremacy amongst revolutionary comrades who wear black on the outside …’cause that’s how they feel on the inside. Admission is $6.

Four Up Og Surf-Punk Expo

From 1981 to 1996, self-described “original OC punk/surf power trio” Agent Orange released a sporadic string of full-length albums. The CD reissue of their debut, Living in Darkness, opens with “Bloodstains,” a punk anthem if ever there was one: “Bloodstains/ Speed kills/ Fast cars/ Cheap thrills/ Rich girls/ Fine wine/ I’ve lost my sense/ I’ve lost control/ I’ve lost my mind.” The only remaining original member of Agent Orange, guitarist and vocalist Mike Palm, recruited talented bassist Perry Giordano and drummer Dave Klein in 2003. That’s the lineup attendees of Agent Orange’s gig at Launchpad (618 Central SW) will thrill to on Sunday, March 2. This 21-plus concert kicks off at 8:30pm, and tickets are $12. Burbank, Calif.-based punk rock foursome The Shell Corporation and locals Rebilt and The Misphats open.

Four Up Melodic Melancholy

If you’re feeling more Debussy than Dead Kennedys, consider gathering together family and friends for a spiritually uplifting morning of classical music and poetry at Chatter. On Sunday, March 2, clarinetist James T. Shields and pianist Judith Gordon perform Claude Debussy’s “Première rhapsodie (First Rhapsody),” Erik Satie’s 3 Gymnopédies (arranged for clarinet and piano by Shields and Gordon) and Francis Poulenc’s “Sonata for clarinet and piano in B-flat.” San Diego native Daniel Berger recently spent six years in Berlin teaching English, but his time is now occupied by pursuit of an MFA in creative writing at UNM and working toward earning his private pilot’s license. He’s writing a memoir at the moment and will capably provide the literary aspect of this week’s Chatter. Glorious strains of human expression begin emanating from within The Kosmos (1715 Fifth Street NW) at 10:30am, but arriving early to chug down gratis espresso and secure tickets is recommended. Admission to this all-ages event ranges from $9 to $15 for adults, and children get in for a fiver.


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Compfight cc via Shuji Moriwaki

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