Four Up: Down To Hammond, Strauss, Nightmare Ball And Dream-Pop Fête

“The Olm” At [H]Ohm

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Steve Hammond’s Canclo (Courtesy of artist)
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Steve Hammond’s metal voice is aural Prozac, and his unaffected vocals are sublime and compelling, too. But the multi-instrumentalist’s trademark is irreverent and sci-fi-inflected post-prog/stoner/country/metal composition. His latest solo work finds Leeches of Lore’s prime mover exploring a place called Hammondville. When passing through this existential burg, you’re advised to roll down the windows of your mind. Hammond commands attention at Sister (407 Central NW) on Friday, Dec. 27 at Canclo’s soft release party. Read our micro review at Starting at 10pm, sleaze-thrash trio [H]ohm—transliterated form of [H]Ω—and math-y Everhard-core outfit Bath House add to the portentous festivity. And 21-plus attendees will thrill to tracks titled “Lake of Sweat,” “Captain Trips” and “Pussy Febreze.” Tickets are $5.

Four Up Nightmare Sanctuary

"Jack, I know you think something's missing, but ..."—Sally, The Nightmare Before Christmas Berenice Decados
Practice the sincerist form of flattering Tim Burton as Jack the Pumpkin King, Sally, Oogie Boogie or “Sandy Claws” at Launchpad (618 Central SW) on Saturday, Dec. 28. That evening Thee Sanctuary presents A Nightmare After Christmas II, where DJs Dammerung, Nihil and Suspence spin classic goth club hits, pre-industrial, glorious synthpop—cue Ministry’s With Sympathy please—to Christian Death in their Only Theatre of Pain prime, newer hellectro and EDM. In addition to a raffle and Skinny Puppy ticket giveaways, vendors include Punk Rock Art Mafia aka PRAM (punk rock/art brut) and Mugaru Rose of Creeptic Cryptations (memento mori). The doors to this 21-and-over Christmas Town get-down creak open at 8:30pm, and admission is $6.66.

Four Up Straussian String Sextet

"What emerges godlike from the ether?"—Olivier, Capriccio Compfight cc via Carlos Gracia
Richard Strauss’ chamber-music-for-strings sextet from Capriccio, Opus 85, is also the opera’s overture and propels the poetry vs. music debate story arc. Hear the sextet and Mozart’s last major chamber work at Chatter on Sunday, Dec. 29. Scope the program at for more, including titles, performers and a dedication. Guest reader is City Different-based artist, author and educator Lauren Camp, who hosts Audio Saucepan—a self-described “potluck of reason and tempo, a spicy mash of border-defying jazz, Americana, contemporary classical and world music with interpretive readings and random philosophical fragments”—on KSFR 101.1 FM. On Sunday, celebrate silence—two minutes, to be precise—and sound at The Kosmos (1715 Fifth Street NW). The event begins at 10:30am, but arrive early for gratis espresso and positive human interaction. General admission ranges from $9 to $15, and children get in for a fiver.

Four Up Nye Dream-Pop Fête

Giraffage aka Charlie Yin Courtesy of artist
Do you approve of the usage surge of the term “chillwave” and the high-pitched, glitchy vocals, sparkling and gurgling electronics and occasional chopped-and-screwed vibe signified? If you’re not sure, find out at Sister (407 Central NW) on New Year’s Eve; that’s Tuesday, Dec. 31. San Franciscan dream-pop, chillwave and experimental electronic artist Giraffage aka Charlie Yin visits Burque as we drive out 2013. House musician Nathan New, swervegaze act Reighnbeau and Colorado Springs dream-hop artist Metallic Clouds provide psychedelic assistance. The 21-plus party starts at 9pm, and presale tickets are $25. If you plan on savoring celebratory bubbly, designate a driver, splurge on a cab or access safe ride services; stay safe while having a blast. Bring a sweater, hydrate—with water, I mean—and hit up vendors, food trucks and late-night eateries for snacks to bolster your booze tolerance.

"Jack, I know you think something's missing, but ..."—Sally, The Nightmare Before Christmas

Berenice Decados

"What emerges godlike from the ether?"—Olivier, Capriccio

Compfight cc via Carlos Gracia

Giraffage aka Charlie Yin

Courtesy of artist

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