Four Up: In The Name Of Psych, Instagram Rock, “Dead Flowers” On “Rockaway Beach” And Northerly Neighbors Roost

In The Name Of Psych

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Naam (Samantha Marble)
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Brooklynite self-described “modern psychedelia” act Naam—whose moniker seems to originate with the Sanskrit term for “name,” “naam”—brings their hypnotic brand of heavy modern-psych rock infused with sludge to Launchpad (618 Central SW) on Friday, Aug. 2. Naam’s latest, Vow, is almost 38 minutes of psych bliss and works best when heard and understood as a single unit of meaning. Nods to Hawkwind and other prog-psych stalwarts of yore combine with Naam’s individual compositional style to conjure a slow-burning candle in your subconscious. Get relaxed—try yoga or seasonal brews—and then check out a mind-bending showcase featuring Naam and locals Black Maria, Gusher and Pepper Griswald on Friday at 9:30 p.m. Admission to the 21-and-over gig is only five bones.

Four Up Instagram Rock

Lord Huron
If you like your surf-inflected indie rock gregarious and hook-laden, Los Angeleno A/V quintet Lord Huron is for you. What started as Ben Schneider’s solo project is now a full-blown band including drummer Mark Barry, bassist Miguel Briseno and guitarists Karl Kerfoot and Tom Renaud. Briseno pulls double-duty as a drummer, and the rest of the band collaborate on vocals. Schneider’s vox are the clear standout, but the holistic harmony provides a comforting, familiar sort of music; its greatest strength—catchiness and palatability—is also its greatest weakness. I’d love to see what would happen if Schneider really let himself go. Until then, check out Lord Huron’s perfectly serviceable and earworm-ready indie rock at Low Spirits (2823 Second Street NW) on Saturday, Aug. 3. Locals The Blurts kick off this 21-and-over gig at 9 p.m., and admission is $10.

Four Up “Dead Flowers” On “Rockaway Beach”

Ramones Mania
It’s fairly common to hear that a show’s “been in the works for years,” but it’s often hyperbolic. If you’re a fan of the Ramones and the Rolling Stones—maybe you’re even someone who was bummed when this concert disappeared along with dearly departed Downtown watering hole Atomic Cantina in July 2010—get thee to this tribute concert. 2010’s planned Stonesy Ramonesy begat Exile on 53rd and 3rd. Paying homage to iconic rock and roll, Ramones Mania will be covered in its entirety by Supergiant, The Jonny Cats, Elevator Boys, Stabbed in the Back, Pancakes!, Beard and Flat Black Imperial. The long-awaited 21-and-over concert happens on Saturday, Aug. 3 at Sister (407 Central NW). The amps crank up at 9 p.m., and the cover is $3.

Four Up Northerly Neighbors Roost

Santa Fe-based, self-described “Southern Gothic Amertronica” duo Catahoula Curse kicks off this year’s Roost Creative Music Series. Visual artist and audio engineer Alex Neville contributes guitar while Milton Villarrubia III mans percussion duties, and the twosome collaborate on vocals and electronics. Members of the High Mayhem collective, Neville and Villarrubia have also performed together in avant-country quartet The Brilliant Dullards since 2005. Find out what “Southern Gothic Amertronica” actually sounds like with the help of these wildly creative, seasoned musicians at Outpost Performance Space (210 Yale SE) on Sunday, Aug. 4. The lights dim at 7:30 p.m. sharp, and admission is only $5.
In the name of psych, Instagram rock, ÒDead FlowersÓ on ÒRockaway BeachÓ and northerly neighbors roost

Lord Huron

Ramones Mania

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