Four Up: Venereal A/V Valentines, Breakin’ Burque, Psych-Folk And Man Man

A Venereal Valentine

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t bring out the cloying, saccharine romantic in all of us. If you eschew Hallmark holidaze sentimentality but aren’t yet ready to hermetically seal yourself off from the world, My Cruddy Valentine is calling your name. Make a date with self-described “shady gang of low-fi synaesthetes” LowLife M.C. for an evening of “venereal vids ‘n’ vinyl.” Amidst an eclectic soundtrack referencing sex and love or lack thereof, flirt with body horror as LowLife smashes up transgressive cinema, chick flicks, art house films, sex-ed reels and more. Event organizer Derek Caterwaul calls the event “an immunization shot for the soul.” My Cruddy Valentine happens at Sister (407 Central NW) on Thursday, Feb. 13, starting at 8pm. Admission to this 21-and-over A/V orgy only costs $3.

Four Up Breakin’ Hearts 4Eva

Compfight cc via Michael Coghlan
This weekend finds inclusive New Mexican hip-hop culture fest Breakin’ Hearts celebrating 12 years of b-boying, b-girling, pop-and-locking and beatboxing at Warehouse 508 (508 First Street NW) and Heights Community Center (823 Buena Vista SE). On Saturday, Feb. 15, from 5 to 11pm, hit up Warehouse 508 for two-on-two b-boy/b-girl battles, DJs, an exhibition bout, a canvas battle, a beatbox competition and open cyphers all night. Heights Community Center hosts one-on-one freestyle and poppin’ battles, DJs and performances by 2bers, Dahm Life and others on Sunday, Feb. 16, from 1 to 7pm. Tickets to this all-ages fest are $15 per day or $25 for a two-day pass, and children under 5 years old get in for free. For more info on donation-based community workshops on DJing, aerosol art, dance conditioning and much more, visit

Four Up Psych-Folk For The Soul

Dead Western aka Troy Mighty Courtesy of the artist
Dead Western is the self-described “New American/dark folk” project of Troy Mighty. Its prime mover provides vocals and plays guitar, bass and other instruments. There’s an unsettling quality to Dead Western’s dark psych-folk. On latest release Everything, Eternally , Mighty’s vox remind one of a folksy opera singer who overdid it with the codeine cough syrup … but in a really good way. See what I mean at The Tannex (1417 Fourth Street SW) on Wednesday, Feb. 19. Along with Dead Western, ex-Wilderness solo project Lord Dog Bird—who has graced our burg in the past—fashions songs from stone, wood and prayers. This all-ages recital begins at 8pm, and tickets are $5.

Four Up Man Oh Man Man!

Man Man Courtesy of the artist
Philadelphian experimental rock band Man Man has been purveying their quirky, sometimes dissonant sonic brand for more than a decade. Their latest, On Oni Pond , finds Man Man sanding down the rough edges to produce a more melodic sound that certainly isn’t a disservice to the group’s listenability. For a band whose instrument list ranges from euphonium to French horn to Chinese funeral horns and smashing plates, the restrained yet playful quality of On Oni Pond may win these beloved weirdoes new acolytes. Get to know the Man Man of the present at Sister (407 Central NW) on Wednesday, Feb. 19. Brooklynite noise-pop duo Xenia Rubinos and locals Young Lungs open this 21-plus gig starting at 9pm, and 10 bucks gets you in.

Compfight cc via Aimanness Photography

Compfight cc via Michael Coghlan

Dead Western aka Troy Mighty

Courtesy of the artist

Man Man

Courtesy of the artist

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