Four Up: Xx Lou Reed Tribute, Tell-Alls, “Quiet City” And Shake-Shake

Xx + Americana + Lou Reed

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When talking music, the term “Americana” conjures an image of pickers and grinners. But in the broadest sense, Americana refers to artifacts relating to the culture, folklore, geography and history of the grand ol’ USA. Few Americans would as readily associate Lou Reed with stars and stripes as say, Bruce Springsteen. Yet Reed was born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island. The swaggering, subversive figure he cut and his diverse discography speak volumes about modern US culture. The New Mexico Americana Society is hosting a Lou Reed tribute featuring local, female musicians at ArtBar by Catylyst Club (119 Gold SW) on Thursday, March 27. The 21-plus showcase features Rennie Sparks (The Handsome Family), Meredith Wilder (Wildewood), Sage Harrington (Sage and Jared’s Happy Gland Band) and Peri Pakroo (Peri and the FAQs). It starts at 7pm, and tickets are $5 to $10. Will Rennie perform selections from Metal Machine Music? If you go, you’ll know.

Four Up Schoolboy’s Sonic Tell-All

ScHoolboy Q Courtesy of artist
Around three weeks ago, Alibi writer August March reviewed ScHoolboy Q’s major label debut. Thus spake March: “[Oxymoron] alludes to Hanley’s past as a narcotics dealer; the resulting recording is thick and thunderous, relying on a heavy rhythm section, layered production and intense narratives to guide the listener through Q’s world, past and present. There was a helluva lot of buzz surrounding this record and Jay Z influence aside, there is little in the way of disappointment.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Tirelessly touring the globe in support of Oxymoron, ScHoolboy Q brings his creative vision of West Coast rap to Sunshine Theater (120 Central SW) on Friday, March 28. Chattanooga, Tenn.-based hip-hop artist Isaiah Rashad and Long Beach, Calif.-based rapper Vince Staples—who’s collaborated with Odd Future—add interest to intrigue. This all-ages gig kicks off at 7pm, and tickets range from $25 to $100.

Four Up Recolonizing Quiet City

Aaron Copland
You’ve heard the idiom “There are two sides to every story.” When Christopher Brellochs unearthed an early version of iconic American composer Aaron Copland’s orchestral ode to New York City, a new adage was born: “There are two soundtracks to every city.” Copland’s original composition was intended to accompany playwright Irwin Shaw’s production of the same name. The play explored a New Yorker’s descent into madness, and it flopped. But this haunting work’s rediscovery led to renewed interest. Burque residents can experience it thanks to Chatter on Sunday, March 30, at the Kosmos (1715 Fifth Street NW). Copland’s “Quiet City” and “Clarinet Sonata” and Anton Webern’s “Quartet for Violin, Sax, Clarinet, Piano” come into being courtesy of James T. Shields (clarinet), Tzufeng Liu (piano), David Felberg (violin), Patrick Posey (saxophone) and John Marchiando (trumpet). Hakim Bellamy contributes poetics. The concert begins at 10:30am, but arrive early for espresso and tickets, which range from $9 to $15 for adults, $5 for kids.

Four Up Coathangers Shake-Shake

The Coathangers Jason Travis
In the sweltering summer of 2009, I got hung up on The Coathangers. The female Atlantan punk band melted my face off—while wearing animal masks—at a gallery following sets by two of my all-time favorite local acts. The Scrams (the original lineup of a now-defunct band) and The Jeebies (thankfully still extant) were terrific, but witnessing The Coathangers?! Fuck. From 2007’s self-titled debut to brand-new outing Suck My Shirt, The Coathangers’ discography is chock-full of blisteringly rad songs. In chronological order, my personal faves are “Don’t Touch My Shit,” “Shake Shake,” “Stop Stomp Stompin,” “Follow Me” and “Springfield Cannonball.” This list doesn’t even broach their extensive 7-inch catalog. All y’all are probably psyched about headlining Georgia boys/self-described “flower punk” band Black Lips, but this gig at Sister (407 Central NW) on Thursday, April 3, is a lesson in not missing opening acts, including local punks Stabbed in Back. This 21-plus recital rips at 9pm, and admission is $17.

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ScHoolboy Q

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Aaron Copland

The Coathangers

Jason Travis

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