G. Love & Special Sauce

With Slightly Stoopid

Michael Henningsen
2 min read
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Friday, Oct. 15; Sunshine Theater (all ages, 8 p.m.): G. Love (a.k.a. Garrett Dutton) got his sauce back; that is, in reviving his career, he had the foresight to re-enlist the formidable contributions of original Special Sauce ingredients James “Jimi Jazz” Prescott on upright bass and Jeffrey “The Houseman” Clemens on very sparse drum kit. The resulting album, The Hustle, soon to be released on San Francisco's Brushfire Records, is a return to the urban hip hop-meets-ragged Delta blues sound that proved to be one of the freshest things to happen musically or otherwise in the mid-'90s. (There are, after all, very few among us who can honestly claim to not have sung out loud the chorus of “Baby's Got Sauce” out of pure delight for the song.)

By the same token, it's been so long since G. Love and crew released anything of significant substance that many fans from the land of Waybackwhen may take the new record as old hat. But if they just let the record settle in for a few tracks, they'll quickly discover that there's plenty of magic left. And from what I can recall, their live show is downright amazing.

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