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Festivals That Are Outside The Box

August March
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I just want you to go away. Really. Get out of town. And while you’re at it, do me a favor. You know how we always hear that there are damn fine sounds to be found outside the bounds of the now-permanent atmospheric dome that encloses much of Albuquerque and Santa Fe? Well, rider, ride on out there and find out. I hear tell that there’s whole range of stuff to listen to out there, on the outside. And I tell you what: If you need a little bit of guidance about the directionality of your temporary march out of here in search of sonic solution, then have I got some far-out ideas for you, dear reader and awesome listener. Here they are:

Aural Fixation: Bluesy And Brewsy

The Rudy Boy Experiment Courtesy of the artist
Sandia Resort and Casino (30 Rainbow Rd.) is sorta like that other world outside the norm that you are currently craving, amirite? With a set of regally appointed hotel rooms, restaurants that specialize in abundance and economy, loud and lively gaming areas, the place is a kickass getaway from the rigors of city life. They also have groovy concerts at their adjacent amphitheater. And, if you’ve kept up with Weekly Alibi, then you’ve probably read about the upcoming summer concert season. In case you haven’t, here’s a juicy reminder: Albuquerque Blues and Brews happens on Sunday, May 28. With local and regional blues travelers like The Jir Project, Alex Maryol and The Rudy Boy Experiment getting down to the sound, this event is a way to greet summer in the city while still being detached from its actual presence (at the casino, at the resort: get it?) Tickets for this 21+ suds and songs spectacular range in price from $30 for general admission ($10 for non-beer-sampling entrance to the event) to $60 for VIP entrance, blues brothers and sisters.

Aural Fixation: Hootenanny In The Hills

Ray Wylie Hubbard Jay West
Now, if you feel no inclination for the alluring atmosphere on exhibition at Sandia, there’s always The Wind Rider Mountain Festival happening at Ski Apache (1286 Ski Run Rd, Alto, N.M.) over the Memorial Day weekend, which happens to be May 26-28 this year. The three hour drive, via I-25 North and US 380 East, is well worth it, passing through some of this state’s most interesting features as one travels from the high desert into the alpine mountains surrounding Ruidoso, N.M. In case you want to know, this mountain fest features 30 of the best jam bands, bluegrass outfits and rock ensembles in the area, including Spafford, The Werks, Poor Man’s Whiskey, Ray Wylie Hubbard and Jones & Miles. According to organizers, this festival “reaches beyond flower crowns and boho-inspired ensembles (though neither are frowned upon). The three-day event aims to be the ultimate cultural manifesto, offering something for everyone.” Of course tons of delicious food and cool, sometimes esoteric stuff to buy is involved in the proceedings. Sounds like a great way to spend the holiday weekend. General admission to this hill party is $85; there are also VIP packages going for between $130-160. Children under 5 are free and camping costs $25, you dang hippies.

Aural Fixation: A Whole In The Universe

Daddy Long Loin Courtesy of the artist
Back in the before time, a diverse group of magicians, musicos—and some would say maniacs—put on a music festival and spiritual healing event out in the middle of nowhere, on the edge of the Rio Puerco, out where the lonesome coyotes sing—between here and El Malpais in the desert northwest of Burque, yo. The event was called 3SidedWhole, and man oh man was it a trip. There’s actually a beautiful, if somewhat austere, wilderness out there, and it’s a perfect place for timeless, late-night, summery sounds. This year, 3SidedWhole returns with an Ancient Earth, New Earth, Sacred Earth Festival happening June 2-4 at the 3SidedWhole Ranch in the Rio Puerco Wilderness. If the festival is anything likes its storied predecessors, then you can expect an ecstatic experience under the broad and star-filled New Mexican sky. Besides, camping, community cooking and bonfires galore, expect performances by headliners including Burque’s best rocking blues outfit, Merican Slang and the legendary and totally intriguing Daddy Long Loin. Seth Hoffman, an up and coming Duke City singer/songwriter with an uniquely resonant and reflective take on the genre, is also on the bill. Support will be provided by bands like The Burning Shivers, Da Terra Meiga and poet Zachary Kluckman. Tickets for this rare and rustic rite are available at the festival site, where directions to the festival may also be obtained. Admission costs between $20-30. Oh, and I’m telling you all about this event a week in advance because, if chosen, such an indulgence will require a bit of preparation. The 3SidedWhole survival guide is a great place to begin, fellow travelers.

Aural Fixation: At The City Of Silver

Baracutanga Via Facebook
It’s a helluva trek down to Silver City. The drive from Burque to Hillsboro, N.M., then west to the southern mining town is unforgettable—a formidable desert drive followed by enchanting, twisting mountain roads awaits. With such an experience in mind, check out Latin rhythms and flavors and master artisans from across the region while drinking artisanal tequila on the beautiful Western New Mexico University campus in Silver City, N.M. for Father’s Day weekend, June 16, 17 and 18. The first ever Festival Latina features some of this region’s most interesting acts, including Burqueños Baracutanga, Silver City’s own Mariachi Plata and one of the kings of New Mexican music, the legendary Tobias Rene. Saturday also features a tequila tasting event from 1-5pm, featuring craft and small batch liquors from Jalisco state in Mexico. Additionally, cool and considerably affordable craftwork—from jewelry to textiles to ceramics and painting—of regional and indigenous artists will be on offer. Fiesta VIP passes for the entire weekend start at $40 or you can just check out the music for $10 on Friday night or $15 on Saturday night. What are you waiting for? I told you to go away, after all.
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The Rudy Boy Experiment

Courtesy of the artist

Ray Wylie Hubbard

Jay West

Daddy Long Loin

Courtesy of the artist


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