Gingerbread Patriots--I'D Fight For My Freedom To Eat Them

Gingerbread Patriots--I'D Fight For My Freedom To Eat Them

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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After making us wait over a year and a half for new songs, Albuquerque’s Gingerbread Patriots (like actual patriots, but with sustenance) are offering us a hard copy of aural stimulation. The quartet, comprised of John Brophy on guitar, Jeshua Brophy on bass (he’s the mastermind, according to John), Megan Mcgaughy on keyboards and Ed Burch on drums, produces a dreamy but oxymoronic sound.

“It can be eclectic; indie, electronic and experimental at times. I like to make things more droney than most indie rock and incorporate synths and drum machines which might take it a little bit out of that indie realm.”

Brophy says he’s been told the band sounds like Belle and Sebastian and The Eagles, with maybe a little bit of The Flaming Lips. If by The Eagles he means The Cure and Mercury Rev (there’s a similarity in vocal style), then I’d say that’s a pretty accurate observation.

Their new album, Wax Lips and Hummingbirds, is an album that shifts back and forth from enigmatic cacophony to pure pop harmony and makes me imagine I’m slowly floating down a lazy river in my rowboat. On mild hallucinogens, perhaps. The independently recorded and mastered album also represents an accomplishment in production; it’s clear and professionally mixed, but completely unpretentious. Rife with hits and compositional brilliance, I predict this album will find its way into the hearts of more than a few who listen to it.

It should also be noted that Brophy, who has already released two local compilation albums, one a Christmas album, the other a Beach Boys tribute (a really sweet Beach Boys tribute), plans to gather local bands and release a Michael Jackson tribute album in early December. “We want to pay homage to the king of pop.” I guess after he gave the world Thriller that’s the least you can do. In the meantime you can download the other two compilations for free from which has, “hella bandwidth.” The EP and LP are available to buy online.

Congratulations, Gingerbread Patriots. You are true songsmiths.

The Gingerbread Patriots CD release show takes place at the Launchpad on Friday, July 29. The show is 21 and over and costs a mere $5. Forced to perform Gingerbread Patriots covers at the show are Oktober People, The Mindy Set, Unit 7 Drain, The Foxx, Foma and Jealous Gods.

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