Going Up, Trip To Cairo And Atlantic Showcase

Going Up?

Derek Caterwaul
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Going up, trip to Cairo and Atlantic showcase
Elevator Boys (Kenta Henmi)
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Elevator Boys is the recently revived garage-psych duo of veteran Burque rockers Pablo Novelas and Nate Daly. It’s uncertain how long they’re in town, so you best catch these drifters before they vanish again. The boys are visiting Satan Fe this weekend for friendly sparring with scene instigators Venus Bogardus and These Charming Cobras—working toward the goal of stronger connections between the City Different and the Dusty Fishbowl. Simultaneously breathless and urbane, world-class post-punk literati Venus Bogardus provides the slinky soundtrack to a race-against-time panic drive through film noir cityscapes. This is also VB’s reload with Burqueño John Butler on drums. These Charming Cobras delivers warm, metronomic punk rocanrol with a velvety snarl. Drummer/vocalist Tommy Archuleta (Pitch & Bark) was recently named “Best Drummer” in the Santa Fe Reporter and guitarist Damon Archuletta—no relation—was in Santa Fe’s Knowital. This show reps several decades of intensive local DIY music scene activity. Take the elevator up on Saturday, June 8, to The Betterday Coffee Shop in New Solana Center (905 West Alameda). Doors open at 8 p.m. with a $5 cover, and all ages are welcome.

Music To Your Ears Trip To Cairo

C.J. Boyd
Cairo is a duo of relentlessly itinerant bassist C.J. Boyd and mutual bass/drum experimentalist John Horner. Thrashing groove out of improv and teasing noise from melody, Cairo commits subliminal synaptic subversion. They’re touring in the Jambulance, a recycled ambulance converted to run on vegetable oil. Event curator and local art-loca Bigawatt is enlisting sister cellist Cthulha and spot-on bassist Ipytor Gavyen Machislav to round out her booty bass noise and vocal loopiness. Big sonics will be afoot. Uranium Worker—now a trio—creates loop-centric heavy grunge trance that occasionally explodes into hardcore shriek-out. They’re probably tired of being called “industrial,” but I still hear early Cabaret Voltaire or Throbbing Gristle in them. Boise lo-fi rocker Clarke and the Himselfs may be a late addition. Seemingly the odd band out in this avant-tinged lineup, Clarke holds his own with the dirty tone. These things happen in an open-minded music scene and nearly always enrich it. More power to everybody on Monday, June 10, at The Tannex (1417 Fourth Street SW). Show up around 8 p.m. with donations.

Music To Your Ears Atlantic Showcase

Sons of an Illustrious Father
Many indie folk-rock styles sound cloying—especially those of the “mature” variety—but there’s no denying the instrumental skill and lush compositional abilities of the three East Coast acts that this house show will be steeped in. They’re touring together, often play on each other’s well-produced albums, and they likely combine personnel playing live. Sons of an Illustrious Father are anywhere from three to six coed NYC multi-instrumentalists playing “heavy meadow” à la the Bloom County comic strip. They have a great time engaging in epic tent revival-style gang wailing. Folk chanteuse Nina Violet, of Martha’s Vineyard, has beautiful, restrained vocals and is probably my favorite of the bunch. Lexie Roth has a darker, sultry tone and reaps the benefits of a prestigious NYC arts and music pedigree. Local duo BaBa creates countrified jazz miniatures on banjo and tuba, complementing the hybrid-rootsy vibe of this event. It’s great to see these seasoned musicians rocking an all-ages show with the light-hearted whimsy that often reflects true musical maturity. The good vibes start at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 10, at Vassar Bastards (305 Vassar SE). A $3-5 donation is appreciated. It’s an intimate space, so get there early to claim a spot for cross-legged swooning.

C.J. Boyd

Sons of an Illustrious Father

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