With Alchemical Burn, Cobra//Group And Agl

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Thursday, Oct. 6; Wherehouse, (all-ages), $5: Noise musicians Raven Chacon (composer, founder of the local experimental improv collective Cobra//group and a former Albuquerque resident) and Bob Bellerue (Los Angeles “noise artist”), also known as Halfnormal, will visit Albuquerque this week on their West Coast Noise Tour. Halfnormal and others in the field create a type of music that is both aural and physical, as well as detrimental to your hearing, with a myriad of homemade instruments like theremin guitars and gutted pianos (and some moogs, I'm guessing). Being old pals (sort of), me and Raven recently had a ding-a-ling of a chitty chat.

What is your connection with/experience in Albuquerque?

I lived in Albuquerque [from] 1990 to 2001 and played in many bands; Los Subliminados, Atomic Love Medicine, other assorted weird experimental projects.

Do you draw up blue prints for instruments or just wing it?

No blue prints—top secret, all in our heads …

Why are people attracted to this stuff?

Noise is the most extreme form of music (volume-wise). It offers people a chance to hear, and sometimes actually feel (physically), a new type of live experience.

How many decibels can we expect on Thursday?

It varies by frequency spectrum (up to 800 decibels).

Thursday's all-ages noise show—or shall I call it an experience?—is at Wherehouse, located at 306 Lead SE (corner of Broadway), and starts at 9 p.m. Halfnormal with be supplemented by New Mexico experimental core members Alchemical Burn, Cobra//group and AGL. Admission is $5.

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