Ill Niño

With Sevendust

Rachel Heisler
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Sunday, Dec. 14; Sunshine Theater (all ages, 8 p.m.): After touring for two years straight and releasing a second studio album, Ill Niño has gone from unknown New Jersey rockers to universally adored thrashers in the realms of both metal and rock. The hard rock band also elevates itself to a level of distinction with its creative Latin-flavored guitars and alternating English/Spanish lyrics—a culture-crossing trait that can only help reach wider and more diverse audiences, leaving more conventional bands such as Mudvayne, Static X and Puddle of Mudd searching for ways to match wits.

According to singer Cristian Machado, Confessions (Roadrunner) is an album about truth. Not only about being honest with yourself, but with others, which is why songs like the album's first single, “How Can I Live,” are as blatantly open and telling as they are. Confessions' self-critical approach gives fans something with which to relate, and the band's aggressive onslaught continues to gain momentum with each album and video it releases.

Having survived member changes and a redefinition of sound over the years, Ill Niño has taken what could have been a one-hit-wonder group and made it into a prosperous and self-sufficient adventure that will pound its way into the psyche of all show-goers tonight.

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