With Billa And Lunarsequence

Paul Ortiz
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Here comes the groove (Alexander Warnow)
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It’s a common misconception that Mormons aren’t allowed to dance. It’s true that you can’t drink or smoke. No tea or coffee, either. It’s sort of a no-no to date inside your gender. You’ll have to stay away from any of those hard-to-pronounce, acronymized, serotonin-rushing designer drugs that were so popular in the late ’90s–and for that matter, most things people tend to do on those drugs–but, happily, it turns out you get a pass on the dancing.

Good thing for Ryan Raddon, better known to body-jacking hedonists as Kaskade. Raddon spent five years proselytizing house music to the not-so-heathen masses of Salt Lake City, Utah, through both his weekly residency at the Manhattan club and his ownership of Utah’s only dance record store.

After relocating to San Francisco in 2000, he landed an internship at the OM label where he slipped some of his own tracks into the demo slush piles, impressing A&R and quickly signing a three-album artist deal. Since then, things have been pretty righteous for Kaskade, whose tastefully vanilla brand of squeaky clean, sun-drenched deep house has found its way into the boxes of the more diva-inspired DJs the world over, whose remix work has gone decidedly major label, and who’s just finished warming up the decks for Oakey and Madonna at Coachella.

If his mix albums on OM are any indication of what to expect Tuesday night, anticipate uplifting Chicago classics, organic instrumentals and all-around deep, deep house, meticulously programmed and seamlessly mixed. And dancing is definitely allowed.

Kaskade, Billa and Lunarsequence will play Tuesday, May 16, at Pulse (18-and-over, 21 with ID to drink). Cost is $12 in advance at www.virtuous.com and Natural Sound (plus $1 service fee), $15 at the door. Show starts at 9 p.m.

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