Kenny Loggins

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Go for the facial hair, stay for the danger zone.
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Saturday, May 22, Isleta Casino (12-and-over [seriously]); $20-$40: Did you know that Kenny Loggins is “a sonic pioneer in the smooth jazz genre,” has achieved 12 platinum albums during his career and won a 1980 Grammy for best male pop vocalist? (But his people want you to know that “the true measure of this man cannot be weighed in platinum and gold.” The tiniest of tears just came to my eye.)

I just remember him as “a reigning soundtrack superstar” who gave us rockin’ jams like “Footloose” and “Danger Zone” (“Revvin’ up your engine/listen to her howlin’ roar/metal under tension/beggin’ you to touch and go/highway to the danger zone/ride into the danger zone”). Aren’t things much more exciting when they’re in “zones”? I bet Kenny and his people were thinking up some lyrics for an exciting and tough yet tender action-romance about pilots, and he was like, “OK, we’re working with engines and speed and life-risking scenarios. I’m thinking,
danger zone !” Indeed, I say the true measure of this man can be weighed, not in gold or platinum, but in increments of danger .

But more seriously, Kenny Loggins is one of those extremely successful commercial anomalies who somehow stays out of the limelight. He’s managed to maintain his popularity because he’s delivered years of schmaltz to his schmaltz-loving fans (and he has some hardcore fans; check out Todd Peach’s Kenny Loggins Page www.thepeaches/music/kennyloggins, where you can get every lyric to any Kenny Loggins song). He’s always there, waiting to pounce on you when you’re listening to a soft rock station; but otherwise, most people don’t really think about him. Or maybe I’m too young for Kenny.

Anyway, the point is that it’s Memorial Day weekend, so put on some white shoes, practice your Kevin Bacon moves and get to the Kenny Loggins concert!
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