Kevin Kinane

A Local Musician Profile

Michael Henningsen
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Local musician and teacher Kevin Kinane is a Renaissance Man is the truest sense. He's played drums with some of the biggest bands in town, performed as a multi-instrumentalist with countless other local bands and as a solo artist. His musical endeavors, from his stint with the relatively straightforward rock ensemble, The Withdrawals, to his alter-egos Daddy Long Loin and Recycle-Man, have always been cutting-edge in Kinane's own way. But he's also found a way to channel his creativity and genuine love for all things musical into programs that benefit local children.

Kinane spends four mornings per week at the Children's Psychiatric Center and afternoons every Tuesday and Thursday at East San Jose Elemenary School teaching music. This summer, he'll teach at the New Mexico Jazz Workshop's Summer Jazz Camp and, as always, he'll be organizing the giant drum jams that are part of many annual Summerfest events on Civic Plaza.

Through association with the Corrales Arts Council, Kinane also makes appearances at various middle and high schools throughout Albuquerque. He's a rare example of pure altruism who deserves your support. Check Alibi calendar listings weekly for Kinane's club engagements and enjoy one of the most unique artists Burque has to offer.

Kinane will perform for students at Albuquerque Academy on Tuesday, Feb. 10, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m..

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