Kid Moe

With Dv8 And Special Guests

Simon McCormack
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Concord, Calif.’s power-pop purveyors Kid Moe have a sound that’s part glowing metal fuzz and part cough syrup aftertaste. They haven’t quite grown up all the way but, if bands like Weezer are any indication, you’d better hurry up and see them before they turn into Hugh Hefner-worshiping crumb bums. It’s Kid Moe’s walking-through-the-mukish style that makes the trio of two fellas and a lady so darn charming. Their latest release, Hella Okay, takes several digs at California culture while giving us bittersweet pop songs for the hopelessly unhip. Vincent Lay’s vocals are free of embellishment, and although his lyrics could benefit from some tinkering (“why can’t my new girlfriend be like my old girlfriend?” is a typical passage), his unapologetically a-melodic voice sets the band apart from their power-pop peers.

These Saves the Day-, Journey- and, let's not forget, Weezer-inspired misfits have also started their own production company (Smiling Politely Presents) that has helped up-and-coming Nor-Cal bands with tutelage in show production, promotion, web design and live sound. Checkout some of Kid Moe’s tracks at

Kis Moe will play the Atomic Cantina on Saturday, Jan. 7. The show is free, but only for those lucky bastards who are 21 or older:

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