Liquid Cheese Cd Release Party

With Danny Winn And The Earthlings, Fighting Chance, Made In Bangladesh And Half Stache

Amy Dalness
1 min read
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Launchpad on Thursday, Jan. 26, $8 (all-ages): Fight the urge to judge this band by their name; Liquid Cheese does not sound like “liquid cheese.” There is no oozing squishiness when they’re on stage. They are solid, precise, energizing and satisfying (if “liquid cheese” could be described as satisfying, then there may be a correlation, after all). They really should make it more apparent why they chose their band name—for now I’ll write it off as some insanely funny inside joke and be content that they, at least, understand.

Liquid Cheese is not a “ska band.” They play some ska, but there is way more than just the two-four strum of the guitar in these boys' repertoire, which is a really good thing. Latin, reggae, rock and world beats are just as abundant as skanktastic ska in Liquid’s not-cheesy music. (I’m killing myself!) These guys are professionals, and their new album, Tres Equis, is sure to prove it again.

Their CD release party will be held Thursday, Jan. 26, at the Launchpad with Danny Winn and The Earthlings, Fighting Chance, Made in Bangladesh and Half Stache. The show is $8 and it’s all-ages. For more information, visit or

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