Love Me Tender Loin

Laura Marrich
2 min read
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Daddy Long Loin—or Kevin Kinane, if you want to talk day jobs—is used to being by himself. Not socially, but categorically. He’s the only local musician I know of who brings a 12-string Chapman Stick (a bass/guitar hybrid that somehow looks Thai to me) to all of his shows. He’s just one guy, decked out in colors so bright he needs to wear shades, shuffling in harmonica, keys, foot-powered drums, loops and samples, and that arresting Chapman, like a many-armed Vishnu Zappa incarnate.

He’ll stand alone in one other regard after this weekend. Daddy Long Loin’s new album,
Love Me Tender Loin , is coming out, and it’s wrapped in the most delightful CD packaging ever printed in New Mexico. Easily. The original design by folk artist Steve White has Kinane’s alter ego piloting a truckload of original tunes and lusty, loin-inflected humor. Love Me Tender Loin is an ofrenda to New Mexico’s pie-in-the-sky creative weirdness, delivered aurally and visually by two of its best ambassadors.

The new discs are dropping Friday, May 23, at
The Verb (3400 Constitution NE, just west of Carlisle) from 9 p.m. to midnight. Kinane even cleared some space for a drum jam at 11 p.m. (A lifelong drummer, he makes monumental rhythmic contraptions out of found objects and junk. Imagine what his drum jams are like. ) There might even be snacks! For more on Daddy Long Loin and Kinane’s numerous projects, visit his website: Rack up some time with Steve White at

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