Low Skies

With Bob Collum And The Welfare Mothers, And Captain Bringdown And The Buzzkillers

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Wednesday, Oct. 19; Atomic Cantina (21-and-over): The last time Low Skies (not Los Guys) played in Albuquerque, the show was a solitary performance by singer/guitarist Chris Salveter. It is rumored that the band fell apart on the road, leaving Salveter to finish the tour alone. Whether or not this is true, and perhaps it was just a metaphor for the weary bleakness of Low Skies, they/he was excellent as a one-man band.

In their entirety, the melancholy twang of guitars, the slow synthesizer pulse and a lonesome, tortured falsetto adds up to an otherworldly and disturbing alt.country post-rock that might be considered a conceptual art piece: a Nick Cave for the new generation. The Chicago quintet, performing for free (!) at Atomic Cantina, is guaranteed to intrigue. Just pray that they are selling albums (tested and proven to be excellent road trip music, especially in Texas). And if you have both The Bed and the I Have Been To Beautiful Places EP you will have to patiently wait until February for the second full-length, All the Love I Could Find.

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