Lower Than Dirt Cd Release Party

Simon McCormack
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Think of lead singer Scott Salvas as a sort of metal-core ambassador. He and his band, Lower Than Dirt (or LTD as the kids call them), are dedicated to pleasing not only neo-metal devotees, but old-school metal, death metal and screamo aficionados as well. “I know every band says this, but we really do try to rock in a different way,” Salvas says. “Even if somebody doesn't usually listen to metal, they can still walk away impressed by us because we put on a good rock show.”

To begin with, LTD's website puts them in a similar category as Killswitch Engage, Poison the Well and Mudvayne. Their new debut EP entitled From Here on Down reveals that Salvas, in addition to having one of the best metal-growls in the biz, can carry a tune in a similar fashion to Godsmack's Sully Erna. LTD drummer Josh Lyle favors an extremely tight snare which is evocative of Korn's unique percussive preferences.

The band's tempo and ferocity stays at a pretty high level most of the time but, as Salvas points out, LTD isn't trying to be the heaviest band on the block or to do anything except what comes naturally. “We just want people to have a good time,” Salvas explains. “We don't want to put up any kind of boundaries.”

Salvas and his bandmates share a love for the live show. “That's what we're all about,” Salvas says. “It doesn't get any better than getting the crowd involved and connecting with people.” You can see all that LTD has to offer at their CD release party at the Compound on Friday. People of all ages and musical tastes are encouraged to attend.

Lower Than Dirt will send off their new CD with an all-ages show on Friday, Sept. 16, at the Compound. If you can't make it, log on to lowerthandirt.com. From the website, you can listen to some of the songs on the album and see video of the band's live performances.

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