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Marisa Demarco
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Sunday, May 7, Paolo Soleri, Santa Fe (All-ages): It might stand for "Most Underground Rap Sucks." Or maybe it’s "Makin’ Underground Raw Shit," declares his press release. They’re not saying. It could be either, or, when you’re a man straddling a dichotomy, it could be both.

That’s the tension here. He’s heralded by fans as the everyrapper, the emcee who understands real life, barbershop politics, girls who play games, etc. "I’m dying to say what no one else will say," he says. And that’s commendable, but how will the two—the everyday hip-hopper and the groundbreaker—reconcile?

His latest disc comes pretty close. After the parade the critics brought out to welcome his 2004 release,
3:16 , Murs and producer 9 th Wonder teamed up again for the March release of Murray’s Revenge. “I wanted to make something that was so angry and antiestablishment that it was both anti-white and anti-black, too," Murs says in his bio 9 th , meanwhile, wanted to do something weird, but not too weird." So they massaged these concepts together for a record that’s got a bit of everything: smooth flows, great beats, stories, metaphor, good rhyme. It’s angry, but not too furious. It’s innovative, but not too strange.

So it’s good. But it’s careful. It needs salt.

Maybe he’ll bring some with him when he takes the stage in Santa Fe. Tickets are available at for about $25.
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