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Laura Marrich
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Romeo Has a Name— At long last, the contest to rename three-car garage rockers Romeo Goes to Hell is over. Many, many people chimed in with their two cents (and sometimes drink tickets and bus tokens), but only a handful made it to the final death round. Although no one person technically won, Levi Eleven (you know, frontman of the-band-formerly-known-as-Romeo-Goes-to-Hell and baron von merch of I Heart Machine band merchandise) will generously assemble prize packages for the best suggesters.

Booty may or may not include: Fake-band buttons for the top 10 names not chosen, an errant shirt or two, leftover Romeo swag and brand-new, new-name merch. Some will even get a special "thank you" on the band’s forthcoming album!

Once the wieners—er, winners—come forward and post their identities at the bottom of this article, they’ll be able to pick up their prize package at the front desk of the
Alibi offices. Take it away, Levi!

We Have a Name.

It’s Volume Volume. Sorry if you don’t like it, hope it grows on you. (We have a new website at—please update your links!) So long, Romeo Goes to Hell!

I didn’t think we were going to get so many suggestions (I stopped counting at a thousand, and we’re still getting them). I accepted them from, e-mails, MySpace (personal and band sites), written down on little scraps of paper, yelled from passing cars, etc. But we didn’t keep the suggest-ees with the suggest-ions. As we edited down the list, copying/cutting/pasting/whatever, we lost track. Even after going back through the stuff a million times we don’t have them all. Some messages may have been erased, everyone online uses aliases …

This is what I know: Here are the suggestions that get a prize, including buttons of all the non-winning names!

A Danger Crisis —Nae the Grey (through MySpace)

Attention: Danger! —Nae the Grey (MySpace)

Factory Version —Cheese (MySpace)

Empire Eyes —Worldsapart (

Assassination Radio —Worldsapart (

Iron Tonic —Harry Redus-Brown (, though he suggested "The" Iron Tonic)

Big Gay Hat —Doctor Bloor (, this is the "worst suggestion prize," no offense)

Brand New Volume —Rachel Lujan (who is in the band and so she can’t win)

Steel Parrot —? (this is the "W.T.F" award, since it made us smile every time)

Danger Heart —?

Heavy Into —? (the actual suggestion was "Heavy into Bill Bunting")

Output Signal —?

Volume Volume —which is what won … actually, was this a variation of something? Damn.

Prettykatemachine on wins a prize pack for "most suggestions."

So: Who are you, mystery persons?

Log on to to find out!

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