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Laura Marrich
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Think back to this time last year. No one knew it yet, but the Albuquerque Mining Company (AMC) was on the verge of closing. Albuquerque’s longest-running gay club had just celebrated its 20th anniversary in October. But by the end of February, it was gone.

"We didn’t want to miss a beat," DJ JoJo Pineau said at the time, when volunteers stood outside the club to redirect AMC’s patrons down the street to Pulse. That’s how it goes here. If the host dies, the party doesn’t stop—it relocates.

Then Pulse (and, by extension, Blu) closed without much fanfare a few weeks ago. Pulse’s regulars have already moved on to new digs. What’s surprising is where that is: Club 7, the same Downtown hip-hop club that used to be the Coliseum.

Now, of all the adjectives that Club 7 brings to mind, "gay-friendly" and "alternative" don’t top the list—but it looks like that’s changing.

After a year of Thursday splinter group fueding, the only 18+ gothic dance night left standing is at Club 7. A little more than a month ago, it took up where Pulse left off on Wednesday nights, too. Wednesdays, traditionally, are a "very gay" dance night aimed at 18-and-over dudes. Believe it or not, Club 7’s picking up the slack.

"We’re trying to change people’s opinions with alternatives down here," says omnipresent organizer Brad Cole. He’s arranged for former Pulse DJ-in-residence Leo Matthew to man the turntables. The new night is free for folks over 21, $10 for dancers aged 18 to 20. The music starts around 10 p.m.

While you’re Downtown, Club 7 will host Burque’s fifth annual Gothic Winter Ball on Thursday, Jan. 10. "Gothic formal attire" is encouraged. (Is it possible for gothic attire to be informal? Black bermuda shorts, anyone?) Cover is $10 for creepy kids aged 18 to 20, $5 for elders.
Vive la fête!
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