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Laura Marrich
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The Agency (111 Fourth Street SW, between Central and Gold) continues its program of innovative, all-ages-friendly events with three shows this week. That’s three more chances to explore the upstart multi-use music space, which is developing a decidedly electronic bent. Visit for heaps of more information.

Friday, July 25, industrial synthpop trio
ThouShaltNot (Pittsburgh, Pa.) will perform live cuts from its new EP, "New World ." Diverje and Blood For Soil open at 9 p.m. $5 gets you in.

Saturday, July 26’s
I Heart Teo House Party promises ravey dance music from local and Los Angeles techno and house DJs in a safe, drug- and alcohol-free environment. The show starts at 8 p.m., and cover’s $5.

Then on Tuesday, July 29,
Mankind is Obsolete weighs in with a megadose of L.A. goth-rock, alongside the alternative electro-sampling of Texas’ Simple Shelter (featuring the golden pipes of Josh Bradford from the Revolting Cocks and incarnations of Ministry). Vertigo Venus and Diverje open the show around 9:30 p.m. The cost of entrance is, you guessed it, $5.

Music To Your Ears Amped

Booze-free performance spaces abound! Skip over to 4200 Lomas NE (just east of Washington) and you’ll find yet another. Amped Performance Space is an all-ages venue that started up last month, and website photos ( reveal a clean, professionally equipped building and staging area. The venue is seeking "original music by local talent. … Any musician, singer or band, regardless of genre, is encouraged to perform and get exposure for their music." To set up a show, e-mail, or call 977-4898. Sending an MP3 link and contact information is always helpful.

Two shows are listed on APS’ upcoming schedule of events.
Satellite Decoder, Cherry Tempo, Animals In The Dark and Yeti Hands are on for an evening of indie rock on Saturday, July 26. After that, there’s acoustic rock by Seymour/Jones on Friday, Aug. 1. A flat $5 cover is scheduled for every show. Log on to the website for more concert listings as they’re added.
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