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Laura Marrich
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Dear Hedwig and the Angry Inch fanatics (you don’t really go by "Hedheads," do you?),

A decade after she was brought to life in an Off-Broadway production by John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask, the internationally ignored Hedwig (along with her Angry Inch) has agreed to haul her gravity-defying hair down to Albuquerque. But before she can blast the doors off the
Vortex Theatre (2004 1/2 Central SE) with gender-blending rock arias, she needs to pad out her band a little more.

Singers between the ages of 20 and 45 are invited to try out this Saturday, Sept. 27, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at
1kind Studios (1016 Coal SW, Suite 3). Hedwig’s Albuquerque engagements are planned for Nov. 14 through Dec. 21 and will be directed by Dean Eldon Squibb. If you’ve got questions, e-mail

Music To Your Ears Earwig

So, have you played around on Earwig yet? The Alibi ’s online mixtape community is free, and starting next week, it’s going to get even more rewarding. We’ll begin our ongoing contest for the best user-generated playlists—makers of the best mixes win $10 in their choice of stuff at Charley’s CDs and 33s. Log on to right now to upload your favorite iTunes or imeem playlists, or use Earwig to build one from scratch.

Music To Your Ears Free Leeches

Completely kick-ass Leeches of Lore has its new album available for free download at The Albuquerque duo’s EP is self-titled, but I’m saving mine to iTunes as Phlebotomy Lobotomy . Be forewarned—the album’s a massive 88 MB download (it saves as a zip file). Your office IT guy will yell at you for wasting work disc space. Mine did.
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