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Laura Marrich
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Calexico is scheduled to play an all-ages show at the Sunshine Theater on Tuesday, Nov. 25, with Bowerbirds. The Alibi has 10 tickets to give to our readers. See how we are?

The tickets went up for grabs with one qualification: Convince me you need them. Of the readers who left comments for me at,
gigizaza , meenah , dickiecox , antonia and gypsygirl505 composed messages that stood out from the pack. Each gets a pair of the promised tickets. Hope you enjoy some of these pleas as much as I did.

Pretty Please (gigizaza)

Dearest Laura,

Don’t have a BLACK HEART. I will dine on a FEAST OF WIRE to prove how much I want that free ticket! Take THE BLACK LIGHT away and please give me a free Calexico ticket. Don’t let the Calexico ticket be CARRIED TO DUST in the hands of another!

Gratis (meenah)

So the proverbial lighted deed shines in the dark of our economical crisis and the
Alibi is the grantor. It’s moments like these that strengthen my thread of hope and surprise.

No, it’s not a million bucks that’ll be taxed to nil or a free shot at a luxury car I can’t afford to fill. Just a rare, sweet moment void of fuel, food and Palin.

Bodies bumping, rhythms pounding, drinks spilling and times having. Free Calexico in Burque? Priceless, man.

Why I Deserve Tickets to Calexico (dickiecox)

I am brand-new to Albuquerque. I moved here seven weeks ago. I left a most promising fast-track faculty career in higher education in Alabama to come to New Mexico and support my wife’s decision to start a Ph.D. I was in Alabama for nearly five years. Some of you may know already that there is not really much to do in Alabama, but let me reinforce here and now that there was not much happening there in the way of art and music (read: Really White Bread). In fact, it seemed little had changed there since the mid-20
th century. My wife and I were vigilant in our search for events that we would enjoy together but usually to no avail.

Enter Albuquerque …

So my wife is now a full-time student again and I have taken a significant cut in pay for the promise of living in a much more happening place where she can earn her laurels and I can be with her while she does it. As is, the times are tight, but we are content and we are together. Nothing would make me happier than to surprise her with a date to see Calexico. In 1995, when I was a DJ in college radio, my school station sent me to CMJ in NYC, and late one night during the conference, the Friends of Dean Martinez blew my mind in one of the smallest performing spaces of a basement in which I ever saw a show. It would be amazing to see Joey Burns and John Convertino and the rest of Calexico burn a similar experience into her and my collective experience and forge a lasting memory of our new town.

Prizes are available at the Alibi's front desk (413 Central NW) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Calexulations!

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