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When it rains, it pours! There are eight album releases–that we know of–planned for this Friday and Saturday, but we just don’t have enough ink to cover them all. Consult the music calendar for even more Albuquerque and Santa Fe celebrations.

Music To Your Ears Suspended

Mike Trujillo, host of Community Cable 27‘s "Zero Hour Squared" rock show, is not alone in his unrestrained love for Suspended. Audiences usually become committed fans the first time they see the trio transform from petite, amicable beer-guzzlers in the pit to ferociously stoic thrash metal beasts on stage.

Still, Trujillo’s different. He’s so juiced about the release of Suspended’s first full-length studio album, he’s handing its band members the keys to his show. It’ll be the first time someone other than Trujillo hosts "ZH
2 " since 1992, when it started taping. Why now? "They’re some of the hardest workers, and they have the best attitude I’ve seen. The music is really passionate, but they never come at it like they’re better than other people," Trujillo says. "They’re heavy metal."

The hour-long "Zero Hour Squared" will let Mimo, Mandy and Chan loose to play their favorite music videos. (Trujillo hinted that Phil Collins might make an appearance.) The show will also feature three Suspended videos that Trujillo recorded himself, including a song from the Suspended album,
Prelude to Indignance .

"It’s top-notch," Trujillo says of the new material. "They put a lot of work into the band and it really resonates [on the album]. It’s a killer cross between D.R.I. and Kreator, and for three little girls of their generation–a lot of people are trying to emulate that sound and these guys are just doing it from their hearts."

The Suspended edition of "Zero Hour Squared" broadcasts live at 9 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 12, on cable channel 27. Then on Saturday, Dec. 13, Suspended plays its official CD release at the Launchpad. A cover charge wasn’t announced at press time, but we do know the show’s 21+ only. (Laura Marrich)

Music To Your Ears Shine Your Schumann

Singer-songwriter David Schumann has a hearty, full-bodied voice, and his smoky pop-rock is devoid of pretension and full of genuine songsmanship. The guitar is riff-heavy, and the frequent piano accompaniment is almost loungey. On his new album, World View, Schumann got some backup from local musicians Susan Clark, Johnnie Dagucon and Chris Carpenter. Schumann’s CD release party is Friday, Dec. 12, at 5:30 p.m., Molly’s Bar in Tijeras. Susan Clark, Johnny Dagucon and Odd Dog will be wearing their party hats as well. (Simon McCormack)

Music To Your Ears Too Much Booty In The Pants

"It’s like being really drunk and then realizing you’re on a Tokyo game show," says Brandon Sciarrotta of electro act The Booty Green. Sciarrotta mastered and generally tricked out the new full-length album that leadman Mark Campagna has worked on for the past three months, the title of which appeared to be a surprise at press time. Join these gentlemen in celebration of drum machines, synths, laser sounds and their new album on Friday, Dec. 12, at Burt’s Tiki Lounge. Calico, Future Ex Con, Smoke Rings and DJ Cherry Lee assist with ze fun while the cool guys from Basement Films keep it weird with their always bitchin’ video projections. See you there. (Jessica Cassyle Carr)
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