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The Beat Goes On

Carolyn Carlson
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Handmade Warehouse 508 support posters crowded a January City Council meeting.
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The Warehouse 508 crew is ramping up for a month of rhythm. Despite battles over arts funding at City Hall, February will see a couple of music and poetry events sponsored by the youth-led organization.

Warehouse 508 is a spin-off of New Mexico Xtreme, a youth-oriented nonprofit focused on snow boarding, mountain biking and other “extreme” sports. Once it’s fully on its feet, Warehouse 508 will provide music production and events, classes in fine arts, urban arts, digital design, theater and more, says NMX Executive Director Drew Stuart.

“We may be shooting for the stars, but we want to break down the barriers across the city and bring youth together through the common threads of music, arts, sports, photography and other nontraditional events,” Stuart says.

At a January Albuquerque City Council finance meeting, a pack of 508ers (and some tagalong grown-ups) marched on City Hall to voice a collective opinion: Cutting youth programs dims the lights of Albuquerque’s brightest stars.

“It is a really positive place,” Samantha Bice, 18, said of Warehouse 508 at the Jan. 26 meeting. “If you are not into drinking, drugs or partying, there are not many places for us to go hang out and explore music, theater.”

The Warehouse’s funding is still intact but could get whacked at the full Council meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 18. Stuart said supporters should attend that meeting as well.

Some of the Warehouse 508 events planned for February include a poetry slam on Friday, Feb. 6, at Winning Coffee and a Valentine’s Day
“Breakin’ Hearts” hip-hop music, dance and art event at the Sunshine Theater. Visit or
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