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Sabertooth Cavity Bites Into A Tour

Simon McCormack
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Albuquerque’s premier experimental noise band from the Cenozoic Era, Sabertooth Cavity, is getting its van road-ready and heading out.

Before journeying into California, Oregon and Washington on a 10-day trip, Sabertooth is hosting a tour kickoff show at 1014 Central SW on Thursday, July 30.

"We are at our best when we wake up in different places every day," explains Sabertooth guitarist Matt Galindo. "All we hope for is that we have a safe trip and maybe sell some records." The all-ages show begins at 8:30 p.m. with sets by comrades Death Convention Singers, Dread and DJ Caterwaul. It’ll run you $5 to get in the door.

When Sabertooth gets back to Albuquerque, Galindo says he and the rest of his mates will chip away at a new record. He doesn’t have a release date in mind for the album, but Galindo says some of the initial recordings have already been completed. Keep an eye on it at

Music To Your Ears A Tribute Fit For A King

Also on the bill: World on Fyre, Flood the Sun and doubleplusgood.
The 24-hour news networks have stopped going Michael-Jackson-crazy. Even the entertainment news shows will let an occasional Farrah Fawcett story slip through the solid wall of MJ. Now that the hype storm is passing, it’s time to remember the reason why people started paying attention to Jackson in the first place. It wasn’t The Gloved One’s controversial personal life that initially ensnared us. It was his music.

On Thursday, July 30, a gaggle of bands take turns paying tribute to the King of Pop at
the Launchpad. Ya Ya Boom is bad and you know it. Zoltan Orkestar can’t stop ’til it gets enough. Old Main wants to be starting something and 66 Guns blames all its problems on the boogie.

Jackson may have liked to hang out with kiddos, but only folks 21-and-over can get into the $5 show. It starts at 8:30 p.m.

Also on the bill: World on Fyre, Flood the Sun and doubleplusgood.

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