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Michael Henningsen
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Jason Daniello will celebrate the release of his latest CD on Friday, Oct. 22, at the Launchpad with Oktober People, Spybox and Alex Rose (formerly of Mistletoe). Regrettably, I haven't heard the record yet, so there's not much more to say except, “Show up!” … In other exciting news, the Launchpad will host an introductory party on Saturday, Oct. 23, for Albuquerque's brand new independent record label, Detach Records. Described by local musician and Detach officer Jeremy Fine as a co-op of sorts, involving the money, effort and other resources from friends and other parties interested in creating a community in which the bands themselves decide their ultimate fate.

Thus far, three local heavy hitters—The Mindy Set, Love Overdose, of god and science—and Britpop-ish Austin band The Onlys have singed with Detach, with each contributing a pair of songs to the label's introductory compilation which, along with T-shirts, stickers and other Detach and band-specific merchandise, will be available at the party. In fact, your paltry $5 admission fee gets you a free copy of the comp. Additionally, all four Detach bands will perform sets throughout the night.

In the past, local labels like Resin, Science Project, Socyermom and most recently Santa Fe's Frogville, have managed to do relatively well based in large part on the ability of each to self-promote and the willingness of local indie—and even a few chain—record stores. Hopefully, the trend will continue with regard to Detach Records. As Fine says, although the main focus at the moment is to keep booking bigger shows and getting the label's bands on the road, “This is merely the beginning.”

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