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Jeremy McCollum
2 min read
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The abundance (and variety) of musical talent that Albuquerque has to offer never ceases to amaze me. When I first moved here from the Philadelphia area, I couldn't believe how many local bands there were. What's more, I couldn't believe how many good local bands there were. Sometimes Albuquerque feels like a mini-Seattle or Little Austin; and it's just a matter of time before our favorite local bands are swept up to some other place for bigger and more profitable things. Don’t we miss the days when bands like The Shins, Stoic Frame or Eric McFadden (to name a few) played here every weekend? Sure we do. But let's dry our eyes and look to the future. This Saturday, three of Albuquerque’s hottest homegrown talents will take to the Launchpad stage for a night of pure local magic.

If you haven’t heard of Jason Daniello you either a) haven’t been in Albuquerque for very long or b) you don’t get out that much. The former Naomi frontman and veteran local musician is one of our city’s most talented singer-songwriters. His unique voice and impressive song compositions are endearing, and more than easy on the eardrums.

Admittedly, I have only seen Lousy Robot once, but that was enough for me to be completely blown away. Who knew that sad songs could sound so happy … and so friggin’ catchy. Their simplistic new-wave pop sound is hard not to love and even harder to get out of your head. After having their CD in my car for the past few weeks, they’ve quickly become one of my favorite bands our city has to offer, and I can’t wait to see them again. And, oh—if you're a drummer, they're looking for a replacement. Catch up with the guys after the show if you're into the idea.

Soular is another shining jewel on this bling-blinging Albuquerque showcase. Their self-described spacious, atmospheric rock sound is alive with dreamy, dynamic highs and lows that practically beg for radio play. Keep your ears on these guys, because they're destined for their big break any day now. Tell your kids you saw them way back when at the Launchpad, Saturday, May 21.

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