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Laura Marrich
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A safe ride home is RAD! This past weekend the city debuted its Rapid After Dark (RAD) service, which connects entertainmaint districts along Central from Unser to Wyoming until 3 a.m. The expanded service costs just $1 to ride, and each bus is staffed with a neighborly security guard to keep your drunk ass safe. Assistant to the mayor A.J. Carian says that the city is hoping to promote local artists through “a rotating CD” that will be played on the Rapid After Dark line. If you or your band would like to be included in the project, call 768-3047, or e-mail for more information.

And speaking of buses … Hit By A Bus, fronted by former calendar girl Giovanna Urbina, has packed up and moved to sunny Los Angeles. The group plans to record their sophomore album this September with Silvia Massy Shivy, who has produced artists like Tool, System of a Down, Dishwalla, Sevendust and Johnny Cash. There's also a western states tour in the works with fellow Fraction Records artists Twerp, The Same Difference and Nunchuk scheduled for this summer. Stay tuned.

October 22. That is the tentative date we've set for Fall Crawl 2005. It's nearly half a year away, but several of you have already begun hounding the Alibi offices with booking inquiries. I will tell you this much: the Alibi has relatively little to do with whether or not you play. Quite simply, your best bet is to develop a good rapport with the Downtown venues. Play out as much as you can, work up a good following and be courteous to the folks who dole out your drink tickets. If you're able to impress a participating venue, they might just put you on their “wish list,” which more or less determines who plays at the Crawls. Oh, and don't call us; we'll call you.

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