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Michael Henningsen
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In May of this year, Chris Hotchkiss of local band Morning Wood was killed in a tragic accident. An all-ages benefit show for his family will take place Saturday, Nov. 13, from 6 p.m. to midnight at the Launchpad featuring performances by Morning Wood XXX, Concepto Tambor, Feels Like Sunday, The Big Spank, Frostbite, The United, Mantis Fist, Caustic Lye, Romeo Goes to Hell, 2 Wise, and DJ Tino Mazon. I asked members of Chris' band to provide brief words of remembrance in his honor:

Chris John Hotchkiss

Born Sept. 19, 1981, Greenwich, Conn.

Chris moved to Albuquerque, N.M. in 1989. He played baseball as a child. He had a good pitch and could hit the ball. In 1993, Shea met Chris at Jefferson Middle School.

—“I remember looking to my left during class at this cheesy kid with tight curls in his hair. He was drawing, in good detail, a drag car. I complimented him on it. He was always happy, and was always able to cheer people up with his presence alone.”

—“I never met anyone who had such strong love for Mustang muscle cars, milk and music. I can’t describe the feeling of warmth I get from knowing him.”

—“He seldom spoke, but I have never known anyone to listen so attentively. I have lost a roommate, a bandmate, a song-writing partner and above all, a true friend.”

—“Chris just seemed to know what he wanted out of this life, and he was actively seeking it. That smiling determination is what I loved most about Chris, and what I’ll miss most about him. That and his laugh and always shoeless feet. His death might serve as a reminder that life is short, but more than that it is a reminder that life is precious, because of how much it hurts to have him gone.”

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