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Laura Marrich
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Crawl Love — Despite the rain — or perhaps because of it — this weekend’s Fall Crawl was the most enjoyable that I’ve ever attended. Central was alive with Crawlers without being uncomfortably overcrowded, and bands still got to play to packed houses. Likewise, the ratio of local to national acts was right-on for my tastes. I’ll admit that there were even a few locals that I had never heard before. (I’m talking to you, Cherry Tempo — and I’ll see you in November.) At the end of the night the streets weren’t asphyxiated with vomit. No, just horse shit from our peace-keeping mounted Albuquerque police units. Thanks, guys! I’m aware that you’ve probably got your own opinion on how it all went down, and I encourage you to share your experience with us while it’s still fresh on your mind. You can do this a few ways: Write a letter to the editor (e-mail, call me personally (346-0660, ext. 260) or rant about it on Every bit of information is useful to us as we begin thinking about the next Crawl, six months from now in the Spring. What did you enjoy? What kinks could stand to be ironed out? Tell us all about it. And pray for rain.

Music To Your Ears

Leiahdorus CD Release Party—The local synthpop trio (that's “lee-ah-dor’-iss,”) will release Parallel Universe, their second full-length album on Thursday, Oct. 20, at Pulse Nightclub. Leiahdorus was founded by Jason Smith in 1998, and has since been joined by fellow keyboardist Darla Van Winkle and guitarist Fox Fletcher. Together, the group creates dreamy new wave piano ballads with a pronounced European techno-pop flavor and, somewhat inexplicably, a British accent. You'll like it. Doors for the 18-and-over show open at 9 p.m. CDs will be available for sale, but I'm told you might just win one, too.

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