Music To Your Ears

Laura Marrich
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The Jenny Gamble & Friends Acoustic Showcase—Who is Jenny Gamble, and why is she so freaking excited about local music? You've heard of her before. As a singer-songwriter, promoter and unflappable foot soldier for the New Mexico State Music Commission, Jenny's name gets around in the New Mexico music community. In fact, I can sum up some of the best advice I can give to burgeoning musicians in three words: “Talk to Jenny.” And bring a demo. She'll guide you in the right direction.

On Feb. 16, Jenny G. has put together a free and comprehensive showcase of Albuquerque's standout stand-alones. Venerable bluesman Chris Dracup will share a stage with Jason Daniello (ex-Naomi) and troubadour Jasper Brown. We'll also get a taste of a few solo acoustic side-projects, namely those of Chuck Hawley (Mucho Buddha), Dan Trujillo (Ants Have Voices) and Eric McEuen (Mystery School).

Thursday's show at the District Bar & Grill is not “unplugged.” It's simply a quintessential collection of the best acoustic music we have in Duke City. Or, as Jenny says, “just a great free show for the local community to enjoy, you know?” We do now, darlin'.

Music To Your Ears

Detached News—Detach Records spokesperson Jeremy Fine reports that the local record label has officially extended its roster by two bands: The Giranimals and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Welcome aboard the love boat, mateys.

“All of these bands are recording, and we’re looking at a pretty hefty fall '06,” says Jeremy, referring to upcoming releases by of god and science, The MindySet, The Giranimals and WMD.

Down in Austin, Detach Records will help represent the 505 during an unofficial SXSW show, sponsored by Little Kiss Records and the New Mexico Department of Tourism. The March 16 day-party will feature of god and science and The MindySet, plus a gaggle of other Albuquerque bands from Little Kiss, Frogville and Socyermom Records.

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