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Laura Marrich
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A New Name for Morning Wood XXX– It’s been eight years since one beloved local ska (or, by their own definition, "chill-out-skip") outfit formed under the titillating moniker of Morning Wood. I guess that’s where all the trouble started.

Turns out there are already plenty of Morning Woods competing for audiences, so the Albuquerque group tacked on a delineating triple “X” and re-emerged as Morning Wood XXX. Then in May of 2004, Morning Wood XXX suffered a tragic loss when their lead singer and guitarist Chris Hotchkiss was killed in a car accident on Eubank and I-40. You can still find a memorial in his honor at the site of the incident.

The band has experienced quite a bit of change since they got their start in 1998–so much so that only two founding members are still in the band. Now Morning Wood XXX is moving on. On May 13, they’ll make it official at Burt’s Tiki Lounge.

"The band has hit a new chapter in its life and zealously welcomes its new name," says guitarist and vocalist Casey Mraz. He’ll be tight-lipped about what that name is until the official announcement show on Saturday

Aside from the public rebirth of Morning Wood XXX, the show will feature some creative assistance from local hip-hoppers Mantis Fist and special host emcee Nick Fury (Attention Deficit Disorder). "The Great Name Change" will also act as a testing ground for several new acts, including The Rod Shot Band (a rock project from ex-members of The Darlington Horns), Trans-Gender Manblender (punk, formerly known as Dick Nixon) and a potential "surprise" performance by newly formed hip-hop act, F.ind O.ut L.ater!

The show is free.

Music To Your Ears

All-Ages Beefs Up in the Heights– Joe Hernandez just added one more hat to his duties as owner, manager and promoter of the Compound … a hard one. Last week, Joe knocked down the wall that separated his all-metal clothing and gear store (that’s music, not material) and the Northeast Heights’ only all-ages music venue, effectively doubling the music area’s size. Look forward to an article in next week’s Alibi that will detail the history of the club, including the most current transformation. In the meantime, look forward to two huge metal shows this week, including a stop on the first United States tour by German death metal act Necrophagist. They’re one of Joe’s favorite bands, too. The Compound is located at 3206 San Mateo, just north of Comanche, and at on the Internet.
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