Music To Your Ears

Laura Marrich
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Gone Phishin’– Need a miracle? This Monday (July 10), the Starport Theater at Cottonwood Mall will screen Phish: Live In Brooklyn . The film consists of concert footage shot just in front of 16,000 Phish fans at Keyspan Park baseball field, Coney Island. The beauty part is the film hasn’t been seen anywhere since the night of the show, more than two years ago. If you weren’t there, you might just feel like it now. And if you were there, whoa ! Acid flashback! Show starts at 7 p.m. Advance tickets are already available online at, or call the theater at 897-6858.

Music To Your Ears

Headlights and Lowlights— When the Lowlights blew into town a year ago, the group was down to one member. Dameon Lee spent the Lowlights’ national tour by himself, whispering over his Caseo and sleeping in a van. “Nobody else could make it, so … here I am!” he said affably, hands in his pockets. It was his first real show in Albuquerque since moving away to Arcada, Calif., six years earlier. He decided he liked it enough here to move back.

Again, no one else could make it. But it didn’t matter too much.

With or without a posse, Dameon Lee is the Lowlights. (And in an another life, Dameon Lee was Dameon Waggoner, the scissor-kicking bassist of seminal Albuquerque punk trio Scared of Chaka.)

It was a good move. With a year’s time to settle and reroot in New Mexico, the Lowlights’ music has found ample room to grow. A typical show sounds like that’s been beamed out by satellite, left to reverberate and woolgather as it may through the galaxy. It’s a sublime, roomy sort of music.

Dameon still sits at the helm of his musical spaceship (and, as time goes on, he’s looking more and more like a red-bearded viking), with one notable change: He’s backed the Lowlights up with a very capable and accomplished group of Albuquerque musicians. The latest incarnation includes Jessica Billey (The Mekons, Smog, Will Oldham and The Handsome Family) on violin, Sean McCullough (Oktober People, WMD, etc., etc.) on bass, Bud Melvin (The Grave of Nobody’s Darling, Lionhead Bunny, cobra//group) on pedal steel and banjo, and everyone’s favorite Noelan, Noelan Ramirez (every fucking band in town) on drums.

And here’s the best part. The Lowlights are heading out for their first tour since reforming in Albuquerque. The kickoff show is right here in Burque, this Thursday, July 6, at the Launchpad. After cutting up the western half of the United States with Tucson’s Campo Bravo, they’ll bookend the tour with a wind-down gig at Burt’s Tiki Lounge on Saturday, July 22. Perfect. I hope they’ll regale us with a few interstellar sea shanties.

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