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Laura Marrich
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Four Bands Take It to the Streets at Fall Brawl— Holiday Sail didn’t get asked to play Fall Crawl. Again.

In fact, they’ve never been asked to play a Crawl. Not because they’re not good enough (they are) or for a lack of trying (they have). There’s just a numbers problem working against them—too many good musicians and a dearth of places to play. That’s not inherently a bad thing, especially for music patrons who end up with a broader variety of options more nights a week. But for some frustrated musicians, it’s a bitter pill that’s hard to get down.

So here’s Holiday Sail, all dressed up with no place to play on Crawl night. But rather than glut themselves on self-pity and anonymous letters to the “fascist bungholes at the
Alibi ,” thank you, they actually did something about it.

At 8 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 26, you won’t find Holiday Sail playing in any clubs, or even sulking at home. They’ll be hauling their amps and drum rigging, rented generators and merchandise boxes through the congested streets of Downtown. Shortly thereafter, they’re going to play—free of charge—right there on Central between Fourth and Fifth Street.

They’re not alone, either. Holiday Sail will be joined by at least four other bands, including Travisty and The Screw-ups, Chris Dudley and the Tall Tree Band, and The Isness. They’re calling it “Fall Brawl.”

“We don’t want anyone to think it’s an anti-Crawl,” says Rob, Holiday Sail guitarist and Fall Brawl organizer. “We just haven’t gotten invited to play yet. We think it’ll make the whole experience more interesting to people on the street who are taking a break from the bars.”

Rob credits the street performance ethos of Martin Stamper and Fast Heart Mart with the inspiration for the quasi-guerrilla performance. Rob says they’ve even gotten all the appropriate permits to be there, so there’s no reason to make the APD Segway Club feel nervous. Oh, and there will be baked goods available for purchase.

Ready to Brawl? Download your own Holiday Sail poster at
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