Music To Your Ears

Laura Marrich
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A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma— I’ve been driving by this place at Seventh Street and Mountain for months, scratching my head and muttering to myself, “What? … The Curio ?” It’s a little shed-house with a sign that proclaims, you guessed it, “The Curio.” Sometimes there are hippies juggling in the front yard. I’m stumped.

But Fast Heart Mart knows what time it is, as usual. According to the band, The Curio sells local art, jewelry, literature and films, and I guess they’re hosting a few all-ages shows as well. “We’re taking regular rock bands and unplugging them,” says the Fast Heart Mart website. “We’re forcing them into the tiniest little house we can find, packing it with fans and making them play all of their songs acoustically so we can hear all the lyrics and appreciate the songwriting.”

FHM will play The Curio with The Absolute Zero (from Denver) and The Grave of Nobody’s Darling on Friday, Sept. 15, starting at 8 p.m. “Only a few of you will fit on the patio for this show, so come early. Some of you can stand in the alley, which is fun,” FHM says. Cover is a sliding-scale donation.

These guys never stop moving. Weeks after returning from a hectic East-West Coast tour (read all about it on their MySpace blog,, Fast Heart Mart landed a spot at the South Park Music Festival earlier this month. They’re playing The Curio and a few more local gigs into October, then heading out on an aggressive month-long tour with 16 stops throughout Arizona and Southern California. After that, they’ll spend a month touring New Zealand (Martin Stamper’s family lives out there) and then jet back for a follow-up performance at Austin’s Fuck By Fuck Y’all Festival. Let it stand, for the record, that Fast Heart Mart is the hardest-working band in town. And there are only two people in it.

Music To Your Ears

Want a Free Pair of Tickets to Globalquerque?– Neal Copperman is donating a pair of tickets to Globalquerque to two lucky Alibi readers. The global music festival is on Saturday, Sept. 23, and Sunday, Sept. 24. Go to and be one of the first two people to comment on this article with your name and the day you’d like to attend (the full lineup is posted at to claim yours. The tickets will be available for pickup the day of the show at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. You’re welcome.

Music To Your Ears

I am an Idiot– Jenny Gamble called to say “hi” and politely correct the e-mail address I printed in last week’s column. Her address is, not Sorry about the mix-up.
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