Music To Your Ears: A Psychedelic Picnic

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Psychedelic picnic
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Q: If a billowing cloud of dance music descends upon your sphere of consciousness, what should you do?

A: Find your ice cream.

We bring this up because you may soon find yourself in this exact predicament. The
Weekly Alibi cordially extends an invitation to all—attend the Spring Social for lights, sparkles and energetic cavorting.

Roo (post rock), Tall Boys (ABQ Boys Choir on stilts), Hyperland (cosmic electro), Tropical Girls (lo-fi beach synth) and DJ Mello (psych-n-soul) will take you there.

"The interactive quality, the colorful quality, the moving quality”—those are the characteristics Dr. Rick Strassman says unify his DMT test subjects with the Old Testament. We’d argued that the Spring Social is in there too.

And there will be ice cream—the great dessert can be traced back 4,000 years. Nero demanded ice be carried down from high mountains to join with fruit toppings. George Washington served it to early Americans. If it was good enough for those fools, it’ll be good enough for you fools.

Get a photo strip of you and your friends making funny faces from Photo Booth Rentals of New Mexico. Kayla’s Face and Body art will decorate your skin. Fortify yourself with free hot dogs from Chicago Dog. Wear your springiest things.

Then journey to the center of the mind.

Weekly Alibi’s Group Hug presents the Spring Social (a psychedelic picnic)

with Roo, Tall Boys, Hyperland, Tropical Girls and DJ Mello

Friday, March 30, 8 p.m.


618 Central SW

Tickets: $5, 21+

Info and RSVP:

1 2 3 316